What is Magnifi?

Magnifi is game-changing financial forecasting software. By importing financial and employee data directly from your existing accounting software, Magnifi delivers simple, accurate financial forecasting and capacity planning based on real data. Combined with information that's unique to your organisation, Magnifi projects the financial impact of every decision you make before you make it.

There's plenty of software that reports on the past, but Magnifi is unique in its ability to accurately forecast your organisation's future. Magnifi works from the bottom up, pulling in all the relevant financial and employee data to allow you to create 'what-if?' scenarios on which you can base your business decisions.

Straightforward financial forecasting features and capacity-versus-demand analysis means you can run scenarios capturing the implications of everything from the employment of new staff to changes in pay rates, price increases, price decreases and seasonal peaks and troughs. Magnifi also shows you the gaps between your actuals and your potentials, giving you a platform to pinpoint your business sweet spot - with real data to guide its implementation.

It's a simple, easy-to-use financial forecasting tool that gives you confidence in your financial decision making so you can stop worrying about the future of your organisation.

Why use Magnifi?

Flying blind makes no sense when you are running an organisation.

If you want to thrive, you need to know exactly where you are headed. Because Magnifi uses your data and gives you rolling projections, your decisions stay relevant and your organisation can be flexible and agile - ready to go with the flow to achieve your maximum potential.

Magnifi gives you:

Who can use Magnifi?

Magnifi makes sense for business owners, labour-based businesses, NDIS providers, business coaches, bookkeepers, CFO consultants and forward-thinking accounting firms looking to give their clients the best guidance in their roles as trusted advisors. It is not an advice replacement, but a platform that allows you to deliver the best advice.

Magnifi's unique ability to project staff capacity makes it a perfect fit for service based organisations. You can tweak all your drivers - including staff leave, staff productivity and hourly rates - to run scenarios and use it as a staff planning tool that helps you assess your capacity (staff) to meet demand (clients).

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How does Magnifi work?

Magnifi works by pulling data from your existing accounting software and using it to help organisations understand what's working, what isn't working, what the future looks like and the gaps between your targets and your actuals. It then lets you play with your business drivers to show you what and where you need to adjust to hit your targets.

Its seamless integration with software like Xero and MYOB means there is no doubling up on data entry, and your forecasting and capacity planning is always accurate and relevant.

It's a simple, easy-to-use financial forecasting tool that gives you confidence in your financial decision making so you can stop worrying about the future of your organisation.

Client Stories



We are an NDIS service provider with 60 employees, so it's vital for us to have accurate forecasting so we can meet the needs of our clients.

Magnifi is truly a game changer. Being able to sit with families and transparently show them how the choices they make for support translates into costs is both empowering and clear. Now that all the plans and staff hours are in Magnifi we are reaping the benefits of being able to complete 'real time' forecasting and capacity planning and we really value the ability to run 'what if' scenario planning to inform our decision making.

Darleen Taylor, General Manager,
Firstchance (NDIS provider)

Coco Logic


Magnifi makes staff planning simple because we can easily import employee information from Xero to make accurate projections that reflect whether our capacity will allow us to meet our financial targets.

It really is the most valuable management tool we have used. We can manage every aspect of our cash flow in line with realistic projections based on our actuals and we love the ability it gives us to tweak our drivers - such as staff productivity and hourly rate for an exact snapshot of the business.

I wish we'd had Magnifi years ago.

Lisa Relic, Director,
Coco Skin Laser Health

Tiny Tutus


Our business is complex. We run a large number of different ballet classes in many locations across Australia, and until we started using Magnifi, accurate forecasting had always been incredibly difficult.

Now we have Magnifi, we can break the business down state by state and into our different income drivers - like how many ballerinas we have in each class, capacity per class, rate per class and so on.

It is simple and makes perfect sense of our business for us, using the data we already have.

It has been exciting working with Magnifi and it's amazing how simple and clear using it has made everything for us!

Simone Cadell, Director,
Tiny Tutus

Maxim Accounting


As an accountant delivering business advisory services, it is important for me to delve into businesses to determine what drives them.

Over the last 12 months I have been using the program Magnifi to assist clients in the preparation of financial forecasts. The beauty of Magnifi is that the projections are based on the key income drivers. It is very powerful to be sitting with a business owner and change the key indicators to identify the significant improvement that can have on profitability.

I am amazed at the benefits that Magnifi has delivered to not only myself as an advisor, but also to the business owners that we have implemented it with. I cannot recommend Magnifi highly enough.

Scott Brooks, Partner,
Maxim Accounting

About Us

David Hubbard

David Hubbard

David found his feet as CFO of a number of organisations, both overseas and in Australia specialising. There's not much he loves more than working with passionate business owners and management teams to achieve outcomes, deciphering budgets, analysing and communicating results, so the creation of Magnifi helps achieve these outcomes and focus decision making on the big picture.

"As CFO's we are able to dive into businesses and really see what the driving forces are behind the numbers. Magnifi is easy to use and helps me explain to non-accountants the financial impact from operational decisions. We can remodel scenarios involving management in real time and discuss the 'What-If' before a decision is even made. Having Magnifi as a tool to communicate really adds value to CFO services."

David Hubbard

Craig Roxby

A chartered accountant specialising in assisting CFOs and business owners steer their organisations into success, Craig had a long career of experience to pull from when it came to the creation of Magnifi.

"I've worked with so many businesses over the years and I could see there was a real gap in the market for something like Magnifi. Like many accountants, I would use Excel to build countless spreadsheets to analyse the data but this is now a thing of the past. The journey has only just begun but the feedback has been amazing. It's fantastic to see how Magnifi is simplifying planning for so many organisations."


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